Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spring 2007 Trend: Turban Headbands

Prada Spring 2007
Shopintuition Silk Wide Turban Head Wrap
Dancerteria Knot Headwrap

Turbans don't exactly draw connections with glamour. Sheiks in the Arabian Desert is more on target. Not so this season! Prada has taken the ubiquitous headband trend to the extreme in the most eccentric new incarnation yet.
Originally I was not exactly taken with the idea of a look that I usually work while impatiently awaiting my hair to dry after a shower. Now that I have seen some beautiful editorials with glamour-pusses reminiscent of 40's bombshells sunbathing by Old Hollywood-style pools, I must admit this trend has grown on me. With sleek hair, clear skin, and a smile, this might just capture the perfect beach glam that seems so effortless yet is so hard to emulate.
It seems that this season, sheik is chic.

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