Saturday, March 31, 2007

what a pair!

Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, Anthony and Cleopatra, Tarzan and Jane...

These are just a few famous couples that have complemented each other not only in their love but also on the lips. Tarte's dual-lip glosses in flattering color combinations, inspired by the cutest couples in both pop and classic culture, have dazzled many a pouty puckers with their smooth formula and dazzling pigments that create instantly luscious lips.

Now Tarte is offering a special treatment for your own romance with their Tarte personalized double-ended lip glosses. These are the perfect favors for a bridal party, with the name of the bride on one end and the groom on the other. A perfectly color-coordinated couple.

This great gift is not only for weddings, but would also make a unique party favor for any special event, such as a big birthday party or a shower (just think about how cute the names of an expectant mother's twins would be!) Since these are produced in bulk, singles are unavailable for purchase.

So just [Insert your name here] and [Insert your other half here] and your on your way to cementing yourselves down in history among the other great romances...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beauty Sleep

Sure we would all love to get enough "Beauty Sleep," but how often does that happen? As busy as we all are day in and day out, it can be hard to wind down in the late hours of the night.

Holly Golightly, as played by Audrey Hepburn in the classic film "Breakfast at Tiffany's," knew the benefits of this beauty ritual, and did it in style. I punctuate my favorite scenes from movies by the styles, and the cute eye mask in this scene made me smile and giggle about its exaggerated eyelashes and its sheer over-the-top-ness. Which is why I was positively elated when I found a dead-on copy of the mask worn in the movie!

A beautiful and quirky eye mask like this would definitely encourage a few extra hours of zzz's, so you can dream about those fabulous diamonds in the windows of Tiffany's...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

spiffy SPF

It seems one can't go three minutes without hearing the phrase "Can you wait for spring break?" pop out of someone's excited mouth. Yes, we all are excited about that one week a year when we can have fun, party, relax, or just catch up on some zzz's.

Those who are lucky enough to jet off to some warm-weather locale need to be serious about one thing: sun protection. Not only does the sun's rays cause skin cancer, but it also adds wrinkles and prematurely ages skin (yikes!)

For those days when you have slathered on your sunscreen and slipped into a cute new bathing suit, grabbing a powder like this Colorescience Foundation w/Brush - All Even (SPF 20)helps to not only shield you from those aging UVA and UVB rays with SPF, but also give a fresh look to the skin thanks to light-reflecting minerals.
The texture of the powder is unbelievable, silky and smooth and not at all chalky. After the powder sets, it is virtually unnoticeable and long-lasting, and the light-reflecting particles give the skin a beautiful, natural glow. On top of that, the handy brush is extremely portable and small, making it a great addition for any smart space saver.
So whether or not you hit the beach or are happy with re-runs of Grey's Anatomy, you can keep your face clean, fresh, and protected.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Savvy Shopper: Jeweled Headbands

Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 vs. Shopintuition

Although headbands have been on the fashion radar for the past few seasons, this spring they were spruced up with statement-making jewels in a kaleidoscope of dazzling colors. As seen in the fantasy land of the Marc Jacobs, these faceted fixtures provided an attention-grabbing statement that complemented the sleek hairstyles, creating a glamorized flapper look.
With a cluster of bright, blinding jewels on metallic mesh, this headband borders on tiara territory. This oh-so-trendy style can easily refresh any hairstyle with the cheap and chic alternative from Shopintuition. The almost identical styles make this a great find and a dead-ringer for the pricey designer version.
This look is brash, loud, and most importantly, fun, so wear it with confidence and a smile and do those fantasy flappers justice.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Mascara Diaries: Vol. 3

Sometimes the best shows are not performed on the stage, but instead in your makeup bag, as is the case with Dior DiorShow Mascara.
Pros: There are an infinite number of positive points to this multi-tasking wonder product! It lengthens, volumizes, and holds curl better than any mascara I've yet wrapped around my zealous fingers. For anyone who loves a beautiful set of rich lashes but breaks out in hives at the idea of falsies, this is your answer. The effect is supernaturally fake (and I mean that in the best way possible,) and the result is wonderfully Old-Hollywood, with enough drama to run its own Broadway show.
Cons: Remarkably this mascara has very little disagreeable aspects to it. The only slightly annoying characteristic is that it can take a bit of scrubbing and a good makeup remover to remove, which is somewhat of a positive because it is incredibly long-lasting.
Conclusion: One of the best mascaras in the biz, and a definite must-have for all lash freaks. Beauty editors and makeup addicts agree, this is like the little black dress of mascaras, an immediate go-to when you want to look fabulous and flirty, yet edgy and dramatic.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Savvy Shopper: Clear

Chanel vs. Nine West

For Spring, Chanel's head designer, Karl Lagerfeld, had in mind a very unique muse: Airport Security. The controversial topic inspired the sharply futuristic clear accessories adorning many of the most covetable accessories seen this spring. In a world in which we lose a bit more of our privacy each and every day, this trend seems to fit into place. Yet in the shape of a beautiful handbag or a skyscraper-tall wedge, clear takes on a chic, luminescent quality that goes with anything.
Even though this trend is all about transparency, your money does not have to disappear in order to stay stylish. Nine West has recently designed many beautiful and affordable options that are sleek alternatives to the staggering prices of their luxury counterparts. I am especially loving the lady-like yet edgy chain-link shoulder bag and white-hot patent-leather wedges.
Yet enter this trend with a word of caution. If you choose a cute, clear bag, than please do the world a favor and keep your unmentionable objects hidden in either a small, opaque compartment or leave them at home. This is not the way to showcase any disagreeable purse junk that we all have tended to collect in the trendy oversize purses of recent seasons.
Don't let your style disappear this spring, make it clear instead!

Monday, March 12, 2007

take me to tahiti

If it was up to many of us, we would want to live on the gorgeous island of Tahiti. The picturesque views, the sandy beaches, the crystalline crashing waves all conjure dreams of vacations in the sun, swinging from a hammock or lying on a beach recliner, our worries drifting away with the tide.

Although its hard to satiate this desire (unless you have a private jet to whisk you away,) there are still ways to have a Tahitian moment. I discovered this wonderful Ile de Tahiti™ Tapuru Body Butter in Coconut Vanille at my local Bath and Body Works and was stunned with its almost magical qualities. Not only is this cream wonderfully moisturizing, but it also possesses one of the best tropical scents I could have ever imagined, without smelling like sickeningly-sweet fruit punch. The coconut and vanilla mingle together so that the scent is not too sweet and not too warm, a perfectly comforting balance. Its redolent scent instantly takes me out of suburbia and onto a tropical beach oasis. I was literally in a blissful haze after massaging this onto my skin, and all of my stress temporarily drifted away.

Craving a vacation and see no travel plans in the upcoming future? This is like Tahiti-in-a-tub, and if you are lucky, you might just be able to feel the sand between your toes.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Savvy Shopper: The Chanel Tote

The Chanel Shopper $1000+

Have you ever fell in love with a handbag and then almost died when you checked out the price tag? Yes, it has happened to me on a few occasions, and I have had to reluctantly place the object of my affection back on the shelves and tried to forget about it. This is why I become even more excited when I find an inspired piece at just a fraction of the cost! The Chanel shopper is on of the hardest-to-get, all-trends-rolled-into-one It bag of spring. Not only does the waiting list stretch to China, but it's quite a pricey investment for such a trendy piece. On the other hand, the tote below has many of the same qualities at a much more reasonable price. This bag would make a very chic everyday accessory that could go anywhere from school to the office to the beach, all while holding a massive load of the "necessities." Think of all the precious pennies saved that can be put to use on other "important" stuff?

Friday, March 2, 2007

Paris Fall Fashion Week 2007: Vol. 1


Congratulations Chanel! You have finally broken out of your monochromatic phase! Although basic black was still well represented on the runway, Karl Lagerfield dipped his gloved fingers into the color box and whipped out acid shades and jewel tones to add life to the collection. One of my favorite details were the Grecian-disco hybrid dresses with sequin adorned twisted rope. Another interesting accessory were the bib necklaces, but will this trend catch on in the real world? Still, an altogether well-conceived collection.


One of my favorite designers, and probably the first boutique I will hit once I invent the next equivalent to the Post-It note, impresses yet again with a reflective outlook for fall. As opposed to past seasons, the floaty fabrics were traded for sturdier, angular silhouettes, some even reminiscent of kimonos. Chloe's signature crafty ornamentation was interpreted as mirrors that carried the futurism trend into the fall. I can rest easily knowing that Chloe yet again created a look that I can take inspiration from.

Stella McCartney

No, I am not a spokesperson for Stella McCartney. I just love her aesthetic very dearly, down to the the sole of those ethically-produced, pleather stiletto soles. This collection further supports my adoration, with short hemlines and volume done in a very chic manner. One of my favorite trends from this collection is the beautiful mint hue of the last dress, which seems to be very strong trend based on the dresses seen at the Oscars. Clean lines, voluminous hemlines, and sleek layering were the key words for this collection.
all picture courtesy of

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The shade that's on everyone's lips

It turns out Target isn't the only collaboration that Proenza Schouler has up its well-tailored sleeve. For their Spring collection, the talented pair collaborated with makeup artist Gucci Westman Neville to create an exclusive lipstick, Proenza Schouler for Lancome in Proenza Pink. The color fit perfectly with the punky feel of the collection, and soon the beauty buzz was circulating. This is the must-have lip color of the season, the It Bag of Spring 2007 makeup.

Even though I am a glossoholic, I immediately fell for the beautiful pastel lips I saw gracing the models. I couldn't stop thinking about the lipstick, so I finally gave in and ordered it, hoping for the best. Once it arrived, my impatience gave in and I put it on, regardless of the fact that I had nowhere to go that night.

I was immediately taken with the light nude, almost white base and the pinky lanvender-tinged pigment. This was exactly what Westman had described as "zink-pink." This was the color that I had tried to achieve for years by layering pink lip glosses over concealer on my lips, but to no avail. In a word this shade is the perfect anti-dote to the heavily red-stained lips of seasons past.

Because this lipstick has such an immediate impact, I would recommend pairing it with bronze skin and many coats of mascara for day, and perhaps a smoky eye for night. To amp up the staying power, a nude lip pencil matched exactly to your skin tone would be helpful, creating a matte base to play up the matte finish of the lipstick.

If Briggitte Bardot were still alive, I have no doubt that she would have used this lipstick down to a stump. I am not exaggerating when I say this is 60's summer in a tube.