Thursday, March 1, 2007

The shade that's on everyone's lips

It turns out Target isn't the only collaboration that Proenza Schouler has up its well-tailored sleeve. For their Spring collection, the talented pair collaborated with makeup artist Gucci Westman Neville to create an exclusive lipstick, Proenza Schouler for Lancome in Proenza Pink. The color fit perfectly with the punky feel of the collection, and soon the beauty buzz was circulating. This is the must-have lip color of the season, the It Bag of Spring 2007 makeup.

Even though I am a glossoholic, I immediately fell for the beautiful pastel lips I saw gracing the models. I couldn't stop thinking about the lipstick, so I finally gave in and ordered it, hoping for the best. Once it arrived, my impatience gave in and I put it on, regardless of the fact that I had nowhere to go that night.

I was immediately taken with the light nude, almost white base and the pinky lanvender-tinged pigment. This was exactly what Westman had described as "zink-pink." This was the color that I had tried to achieve for years by layering pink lip glosses over concealer on my lips, but to no avail. In a word this shade is the perfect anti-dote to the heavily red-stained lips of seasons past.

Because this lipstick has such an immediate impact, I would recommend pairing it with bronze skin and many coats of mascara for day, and perhaps a smoky eye for night. To amp up the staying power, a nude lip pencil matched exactly to your skin tone would be helpful, creating a matte base to play up the matte finish of the lipstick.

If Briggitte Bardot were still alive, I have no doubt that she would have used this lipstick down to a stump. I am not exaggerating when I say this is 60's summer in a tube.


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Oh wow I have been hearing all of my customers asking for this and haven't seen it..there is a coral equivalent to this color FYI by Lorac called Farah named after Farah the feather haired icon herself look for it at Sephora..another thing you should check out miss Sara is an amazing nail polish color ..brand name Theons...color number 5...if you want a red nail polish like no other everyone needs this in their nail wardrobe! It's oh so gorgeously frosty and when you put a top coat on it turns into a firey inferno for your nails...yes available at that Sun wigs store for $1.99...and no I don't work for that store I just can't get over the treasures I find there. :)

Kelly said...

Bardot IS still alive