Friday, March 2, 2007

Paris Fall Fashion Week 2007: Vol. 1


Congratulations Chanel! You have finally broken out of your monochromatic phase! Although basic black was still well represented on the runway, Karl Lagerfield dipped his gloved fingers into the color box and whipped out acid shades and jewel tones to add life to the collection. One of my favorite details were the Grecian-disco hybrid dresses with sequin adorned twisted rope. Another interesting accessory were the bib necklaces, but will this trend catch on in the real world? Still, an altogether well-conceived collection.


One of my favorite designers, and probably the first boutique I will hit once I invent the next equivalent to the Post-It note, impresses yet again with a reflective outlook for fall. As opposed to past seasons, the floaty fabrics were traded for sturdier, angular silhouettes, some even reminiscent of kimonos. Chloe's signature crafty ornamentation was interpreted as mirrors that carried the futurism trend into the fall. I can rest easily knowing that Chloe yet again created a look that I can take inspiration from.

Stella McCartney

No, I am not a spokesperson for Stella McCartney. I just love her aesthetic very dearly, down to the the sole of those ethically-produced, pleather stiletto soles. This collection further supports my adoration, with short hemlines and volume done in a very chic manner. One of my favorite trends from this collection is the beautiful mint hue of the last dress, which seems to be very strong trend based on the dresses seen at the Oscars. Clean lines, voluminous hemlines, and sleek layering were the key words for this collection.
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makeupchick said...

well Sara it was a pleasure reading all of your blog...did you hear that the Stella line sold out in Target stores in record time and the new Madonna line at HM flopped...hmm I wonder why seriously that surprised me...e-mail me at if you get a chance! :)

makeupchick said...

I am the queen of discount shopping so if you want to know where to get a cheaper version of anything let me know and I promise it's not all at sun wigs :)