Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Love: The Series

When did Valentine's Day become so stressful? Anxiety arises around this time every year, and people worry about whether or not they will have somebody to celebrate the holiday with, or if there will be someone there to hand you a box of candies and buy you a really cheesy Hallmark card. There seems to be this thought that, if you are single, that there is something missing. This belief is completely untrue. Relationships are great, but they shouldn't affect self esteem. Everyone in the world is good enough that they don't need someone to make them better.

Why not spread the love around this Valentine's Day? Take some time for TLC, show your friends and family how much you care about them, and reach out to those in your community who just aren't feelin' the love. This series of posts will be dedicated to helping you celebrate Cupid's day without a box of tissues and a gallon of Chunky Monkey, balling your eyes out while watching a sappy movie marathon. Love your life. Love yourself. Love the world.

Speaking of love, who doesn't love a pretty, rosy lip? Depending on the shade, pink can go from sweet and demure to outgoing and extroverted. CARGO PlantLove™ Botanical Lipstick is a collection that includes every shade of pink imaginable, along with a few other colors. Some of the shades were even designed by some very chic celebrities. What makes PlantLove so unique is that these lipsticks not only complement your beauty, but also the environment. The tube may look like plastic, but it is in fact made out of corn, and the boxes are actually made of tiny wildflower seeds. Ironically, even if you litter you are helping out the environment.You could hypothetically plant a garden of flowers if you bought enough shades of this lipstick!

So why not plant kisses when you can also plant flowers?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Couture Concentrate: Christian Dior Spring 2007

Couture. Its what fashion editors wait every season for. Magazines try to analyze it. But for most of us, its what we cock our head at, desperately trying to understand. Couture is the purest form of design creativity. It is the time for designers to exercise their imagination and explore new realms of fashion. Couture defies our perception of clothing from a necessity into an art form. Christian Dior Couture Spring 2007 was quite a spectacle. The resonating theme was the idea of a geisha, and taking that image to newer and greater heights. Among some of the styles, the masterful John Galliano added new volume to the kimono. Layers of flirty ruffles deconstructed beautiful dresses, their trains taking on the appearance of a luxurious river of ruby lava flowing behind them, as seen in the first picture. He also experimented with origami-style pleating, which is one of the most unique techniques I have ever seen. The last gown featured seems to defy gravity and morph from a dress into a delicate paper crane. If couture is like a passport to new worlds, then I'm hitching a ride on the Orient Express.
All runway images courtesy of

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Anyone who has enough time in her life to write a fashion blog must obviously love to read magazines. In fact, I find them to be almost required reading! I am like a sponge, a sticky one at that. Every check-out line is fair game for me.

Which is why I have become quite the connoisseur of glossies. I read the "classics," VOGUE, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, InStyle, Lucky, and countless others. I love them, but eventually all of the wonderful advice begins to meld together, making it hard to differentiate one from the other.

My discovery of Nylon was completely by a fortuitous chance. It was the week before midterms, and I was at one of my main haunts, Barnes & Noble, studying. After hours of angular launch, the Roman Empire, Spanish irregular conjugations, and absolute value graphs, needless to say I was in desperate need of a break. I walked over to the magazine stand and perused the selection. A bunch of pretty but vapid faces stared back at me, lifeless and uninteresting. Not satisfied, I sifted through the rows, until a title leaped out at me. Its bright, neon words emblazoned across it read NYLON. Curious, I flipped through it, and after hours of reading I was in love.

This magazine is the essence of cool. Not only is the fashion unique and creative, but also the articles are poignant and funny, to say the least. The magazine's main focus is what is cool, hip, and underground; everything on the verge of popularity. The articles range from makeup to music to culture and back, all accompanied with NYLON's signature smart, intellectual humor and wit. Being an artist, I find the photography and the layouts to be very inspiring. My amazingly talented photographer friend, Kelsey, and I both love to read it in order to get inspiration for our own projects. Time reading this mag is time well spent. Needless to say, the day that my subscription arrives in the mail is a very happy day for me.

If you want to read a real gem of a periodical, then pick up the February 2007 edition of NYLON at your local bookstore. The article with the elusive Sienna Miller is very fascinating, and it gets me even more excited for her upcoming role as Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl. The editorial is quite fun too, with some of the most quirky-chic styling I've seen in a long time.

Because even die-hard fashionistas need a break from VOGUE once in a while.

Check more of Nylon out at http://nylonmag.com/

take good CARE of yourself

I have become quite the skincare geek. I am constantly flipping through my newest copy of VOGUE right to the beauty news section, where I ingest each and every article about the newest, trendiest complexion solutions available. It has become quite an obsession.

I recently became interested in organic beauty products, yet I never had the courage to try them. They just seemed too "crunchy" to me. I mean, a crushed almond scrub sounds amazing, yet does it really work? Is it just like slathering food on my face?

Before I was about to rule out all natural mystery products, I stumbled upon CARE by Stella McCartney. I am a huge fan of Miss McCartney; her runway collections are beautiful, her Adidas by Stella McCartney line actually makes me want to work out, and her perfume, Stella, is like meandering through a garden of English roses. And on top of that, her products are animal-cruelty-free, which makes me love them even more.

So when I heard that she was on the verge of pioneering a new outlook on natural skincare, I couldn't wait to try it. I recently read an article on McCartney, and in it she described the intensive process that her team of scientists went through to perfect the line. All of her products are Ecocert-certified, and according to Sephora:

"Ecocert, an internationally recognized certification program, takes into account not only the composition and the origin of the product's ingredients, but also covers the entire development process from conception to packaging. The Ecocert label can assure consumers of both the quality and sincerity of Care by Stella McCartney, making it one entirely trustworthy assortment."

This the real deal, a sophisticated skincare line that is both natural and beneficial to the skin. And did I mention the gorgeous packaging? McCartney's fresh aesthetic is evident through the beautifully simplistic design of the bottles, which would no doubtfully elicit "oooo"s and "aweeeee"s when gracing a bathroom counter.

Even though I try not to spend too much money on skincare, I will be saving up my money to try the Discovery Kit, which is a great way to find a powerful elixir to brighten your complexion.

Thank you, Stella McCartney, for satisfying skincare geeks everywhere.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Christian Dior Couture Spring 2007

Costume International Spring 2007

Thakoon Spring 2007
Fendi Spring 2007

Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2007

Neon. That one word conjures up a million different connotations. For those who lived in the 80's, it was all the rage to see just how many stretchy, bright, spandex-y clothing one could wear, in the gym and out. In a deserted landscape, a blinking neon sign welcomes visitors to Sin City. Punky teens mix and match snappy neon rubber bracelets with their chunky black combat boots and meander around the city looking for the next emo/indie/punk band to rock out to.
This past Spring Fashion Week, designers gave neon a new connotation. The creativity surged from the new concepts and forms that neon was incorporated into. They were all unexpected, yet somehow fit together perfectly. Whether streamlined or ornate, many shows abounded with flashy color, offering a wake-up call from the somber clothing of fall. Bright, futuristic mesh was layered over basic black at Fendi. Emanuel Ungaro turned the goddess gown upside down by designing his in a fluorescent spectrum. The Christian Dior Spring Couture show included a gorgeously layered, ruffled gown that faded from pastel seafoam to almost glaring chartreuse, like watercolor on an acid trip.

So how do you wear neon without looking like a Las Vegas casino sign? Even though designers went to the extreme, it doesn't mean that you have to. You can integrate neon into your wardrobe in small doses, whether that be a chunky bracelet, cool ring, or punchy shoes. If you find fluorescent to be too harsh, then you can ease into some highly-pigmented standard hues, like Cerulean Blue.

Remember, this trend is to be worn with confidence and humor, so have fun with it!

All runway pictures courtesy of http://www.style.com/

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Mascara Diaries: Vol. 1

I am a little obsessive when it comes to mascara. My perfect mascara would lengthen, curl, volumize, separate, and add definition all while not clumping. I am still on the hunt, which is why I have dedicated a new series of posts to reviewing the newest and most hyped-about mascaras, from drugstore to department store brands. I am very excited to report my findings and to help you find the mascara that is right for you!

The first mascara in this installment is The New Max Factor Volume Couture Mascara. I have heard a lot about this mascara from various other bloggers, and most have been very complementary reviews. The hype behind this mascara is that it was the official mascara used for Milan's Spring Fashion Week. It also has an exclusive iFX brush with micro-channels to deliver color with less clumps.

After reading all of these rave reviews, I had to try it. I ended up spending the whole weekend in search of it, for it seems almost no retailers carry MAX Factor anymore. I finally found it, and couldn't wait to use it.

Pros: The brush is very advanced, with tiny spikes that easily coat every eyelash. The application was pretty simple (considering I had applied it in the car.) This is the perfect mascara if you want rich, black, highly-pigmented lashes. You can actually feel your lashes on your brow bone when you gaze up!

Cons: The lashes tend to feel a little heavy after application, so this wouldn't be a good choice if you don't like the feel of mascara. Since this mascara is focused on volume, there is not very much in the lengthening department. I would recommend curling your eyelashes before applying to get a little extra lift. I also had to scavenge for this mascara and finally found it at Meijer, so if you are not interested in a hunt, than this might not be the mascara for you.

Conclusion: I thought this was an excellent mascara for the price (about $7.) I will definitely use this in order to create that rich, faux-lash look. This is a specialty mascara, created for couture volume, so this might not be the best mascara if you are looking for natural definition. But I did feel a little like a 40's screen goddess while wearing this mascara, madly flitting her dark fringe at every wink.

Find your nearest retailer at http://maxfactor.com/user/get/where_to_buy.do

Friday, January 19, 2007

Target and Proenza Schouler...it just couldn't get any cooler

I am a hopeless shopper. I read as many magazines as I can get my hands on, fantasize about the ingenious clothing combinations that I would create, and scribble down long lists of all of the gorgeous, sparkling things that, in my other life as a French socialite, would have snatched up at first glance.

And then I wake up and realize that I am a student, which means little or no money. In conclusion, I live a vicarious shopping existence.

And so all of us non-socialites live for designer collaborations. I have recently become obsessed with GO International from Target. If you have not been to Target recently (which if you're like me, is hardly unlikely) then you should definitely check this section out. Recent designer collaborations have been Luella, Paul & Joe, and Behnaz Sarafpour. Needless to say I already have an impressive collection of these discount designer duds.

And now GO International is about to introduce its most highly-anticipated designer collaboration yet, Proenza Schouler. These boys are geniuses. Both graduated just a few years ago from Parsons School For Design in New York City, my dream school. They are a favorite amongst the celebs and fashion editors alike. There collections exude cool, effortless glamour and always have excellent tailoring. I have no doubt that they will create the best designer collection for Target yet.

Thanks to Target, I don't have to have socialite money in order to look like one!

*Note: Proenza Schouler for Target arrives in stores on February 1st, 2007.

picture courtesy of http://nymag.com/images/shopping/05/springfashion/proenzaschouler050207_1_400.jpg

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Me Vs. Myspace

Ok, ok, I admit it. I love MySpace. And yes, I have one that I check obsessively. I mean, who doesn't? MySpace has never been more popular. It seems now that everyone and their grandmother has a MySpace.

Although this cultural phenomenon is a great way to check up on your friends and post hilarious comments on their profiles, this has also opened up a whole closet full of problems, mainly as a result of the extremely...harsh clarity of digital cameras. You may not have oily skin, but sometimes the light will reflect onto your face and create a rather unpleasant effect. Advanced, yes, flattering, no.

And so if you are like me, you want your skin to look flawless, especially on camera. Smashbox delivers yet again with their famous Smashbox Photo Finish. This is a classic staple of makeup and should be in everyone's makeup bag. Smoothed on before foundation or tinted primer, it makes your skin look ten times better than it actually is. Thanks to the amazing blend of vitamins and antioxidants, this makes your skin look and feel silkier and creates a flattering matte effect. If you were a painter, this would make your skin the perfect canvas.

So bring it on digital cameras. And when the light flashes, I will shine, not my skin.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer To Go: $15.50 at http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P88003&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=3990


If there is one piece of clothing that everyone can agree on, its denim. Denim has been a staple of the wardrobe since the time of the California gold rush, when the sturdy material was essential for the long days of sifting through water, looking for a glimpse of gold. Since then, denim has taken on a totally new face. It remains a classic yet is reincarnated into different shapes, cuts and silhouettes each season. It is amazing that a material so old remains so fresh.

This past season the It jean was the skinny jean. The sleek silhouette made it perfect to achieve the British/punk/supermodel look that remains an archetype of cool. Kate Moss wore skinny jeans to perfection, pulling the look off effortlessly. I personally loved this look because it flattered my petite frame, making me appear inches taller (especially with heals!) But I know this look is not for everyone, nor should it be.

Which is why this season the tide has turned the other way, as is the nature of fashion. What comes up must come down. And so this spring one of the main denim trends is the wide-leg jean. Not only does it flatter many different body types, but a wide leg pant exudes classic style reminiscent of Katherine Hepburn. Paired with a tucked-in blousy shirt and some sleek heels, the whole look would be very menswear-meets-sophisticated-woman.

So for all of you who squeezed into those skinny jeans or just winced at the sight of them, rejoice! Fashion has heard your call.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Mary Poppins got it right. Sugar can cure everything. It has the power to momentarily cure disappointments, a bad grade on a test, even a broken heart. What would we be without sugar?

And so when my skin began to look and feel like the Sahara Desert, I knew I needed some sugar therapy. I crept into my mother's bathroom and borrowed her Fresh Sugar Face Polish, hoping that perhaps her swanky skincare would cure my skin. I looked at the label and saw that some of the key ingredients included brown sugar, grapeseed oil, vitamin C, and wild strawberries. This masque/exfoliant hybrid looked promising, so I was curious to see if it lived up to its sleek product marketing.

As I massaged the exfoliant onto my skin, I was first struck with how wonderfully delicious the polish smelled, like a mixture of strawberries and lemon. The sugar particles were finely ground, not course like the usual exfoliants that I have tried. After leaving the masque on for ten minutes and then rinsing it off in warm water, I was shocked. My skin felt smooth and silky to the touch. It looked almost poreless. And the best part was it had restored some of my lost hydration. My skin was no longer a desert, but instead a silky flower petal.

Just a spoonful of sugar helps your skin look great
In the most delightful way!

Fresh Sugar Face Polish $55

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Style Icon Vol. 2: Edie Sedgwick

Actress. Performance artist. Model. It Girl. Muse. Edie Sedgwick was the Lindsay Lohan of the sixties, only cooler. She hung out with some of the most influential pop culture figures of the sixties. As Andy Warhol's muse, she starred in many of his underground films and flitted about his legendary studio, The Factory. Bob Dylan was so transfixed by her that he supposedly wrote a song about her. Sienna Miller will soon portray Edie in the new film "Factory Girl" that will be released later this year. She was like a carefree butterfly of the sixties. It is a shame that she became so taken by the shady side of celebrity that she flitted away before her time.

So what was it about Edie that made her so...cool? Was it the dramatic eyeliner? The bleached pixie cut? The spiky, fluttery eyelashes? The long, dangling earrings? I believe it was her spark of rebelliousness and unconventionality that made anything she wore look amazing. A striped tee shirt with a fur coat? That was the usual outfit for Edie.

Her daring style even inspired me to be her for Halloween this last October. And I am hardcore about Halloween. I wore a striped sweater dress with leggings and black leather boots. I attempted to pin up my long brunette hair into a short blond "Surfer" wig, which surprisingly looked more Edie than the actual "Mod" wig that was available. I traced intense black liquid eyeliner around my eyes and put on fake under eye lashes. The overall effect was pretty seamless, even my friends didn't recognize me at first.

So how do you incorporate a little bit of mod into your style? Stripes are a classic way to give a graphic statement to any outfit. Big, shiny, plastic jewelry is also a great option. I believe that anything that makes you feel daring ans unique is mod. Have fun and play with this look!

I have found some great finds for the mod addict (for a link, click on the picture:)

Spring & Clifton V Striped Dress

Andy Warhol Zip Close Notepad

Shu Uemera False Eyelashes

Claire's Accessories Skinny Red Bangle

Spring & Clifton V Striped Dress: $ 103.50 (SALE!!!) at http://www.shopbop.com/shop/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441793966&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=282574488377838&fm=search&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474395181057&bmUID=1168787661138

Andy Warhol Zip Close Notepad : $12.99 at http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shopping/product/detailmain.jsp?itemID=25706&itemType=PRODUCT&iProductID=25706

Shu Uemera FALSE EYELASHES 600: $15.00 at http://www.shuuemura-usa.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?CategoryID=317&SubCategoryID=378&ProductID=720

Claire's Accessories Skinny Red Bangle: $4.50 at http://www.claires.com/product.asp?name=prod&color=red&rcid=31&id=2603&scid=33

Friday, January 12, 2007


Pronunciation: 'a-n&-"mA, 'รค-nE-
Function: noun
Etymology: Japanese, animation, short for animEshiyon, from English: a style of animation originating in Japan that is characterized by stark colorful graphics depicting vibrant characters in action-filled plots often with fantastic or futuristic themes

Lets get one thing straight. I love anything Japanese. One of my favorite movies is Memoirs of a Geisha. My favorite restaurants are Japanese steakhouses. I get a kick out of packing sushi in my lunchbox for school. I have an unhealthy obsession with Hello Kitty.

And so of course the new Tokidoki for Smashbox Cosmetics Collection made me jump for joy the moment I saw it. Italian artist (how ironic) Simone Legnoan of Tokidoki collaborated with Smashbox to create this unique collection to reflect the spirit of anime. Cartoon anime girls are well recognized for their bright, sparkling eyes and faces that radiate color and youthful vitality. Likewise, the colors in the collection are bright, fun, and playful, like little pieces of candy waiting to be unwrapped. Not only are the colors and packages beautiful, but the quality of Smashbox Cosmetics is very impressive, and is most notably known for making your skin look flawless (especially on camera!!!)

Although I am in love with every one of the products from this collection, even one will take your look to new heights. For a fresh spring look, focus a bit of color on one feature that you want to bring out, and be sure to keep the rest of your look clean and simple.

Refresh your look and get animated this spring!

Tokidoki for Smashbox Cosmetics: ranges from $18 to $45 at http://www.sephora.com/browse/brand_hierarchy.jhtml?brandId=3990&contentId=C15712

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Narsico Rodriguez

Marc Jacobs

Zac Posen

Urban Outfitters


If you attend high school or have attended it at some time in your life, then you know about all the cliques. Especially the popular kids who seem to rule the school.

Well in the fashion world, gold has been the popular kid for a few seasons. The resurgence of metallics put this precious metal on top, making it the status metal.

Well, gold is classic, but frankly its not as exciting or trendy as it once was. It is time for a refreshing take on metallics for the new season: silver. This has been the unpopular kid of the metallics for a few seasons, waiting patiently for its comeback. All the waiting has payed off though, because Spring 2007 was all about silver!

Silver: This is an offshoot of one of the hottest trends of the spring: futurism. Worn as accessories and apparel, silver made a dramatic statement on the runways. I like to think of it as the sophisticated, cooler sister of gray. Glamorous interpretations of this trend were seen on the Spring 2007 runways in many styles and forms. Narsico Rodriguez designed a minimalistic yet beaming cocktail dress. Marc Jacobs marched a parade futuristic flappers down the runway decked out in silver caps. But of all the designers, my favorite was Zac Posen, who put the topper on the cake with his final look, a gigantic couture gown glimmering in leaves of foil.

So how do you wear silver? Although this metallic hue is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, I would suggest taking it in small doses, a pair of ballet flats here, a flash of jewelry there. Anything architectural, such as a sleek silver cuff, would look very fresh. In fact, this would be a perfect "foil" (no pun intended) to the more muted colors and silhouettes of the spring, giving any look just the edge it needs. So try silver and see your style "reflected" in a new light!
all runway pictures courtesy of style.com
BCBGirls Katchen 5 in New Silver: $89.96 at http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/20330615/c/63615.html

Monday, January 8, 2007

Prescription: Lip Gloss

Uggh was that the alarm clock?
I wonder what time it is...OMG ITS 7:30 I OVERSLEPT!!!
Okay, Okay, chill.
Brush teeth? Check.
Wash face? Check.
Purse? Check.
Chai Tea Latte? Double check.
Okay I think I'm ready.
(15 minutes later...)
Oh shoot I forgot to take my vitamins again. Darn.

I admit that I am a little bit of a health nut. I persuade my mom to drive me to Whole Foods, I eat whole-wheat bread whenever I can, I try to run every day, and I even love tofu. I'll be the first to admit that it's all kind of crazy. Laugh at me if you want but thats who I am.

The problem is that I only have limited time in the morning to get ready, so sometimes I forget to take my vitamins. Now I can avoid this situation. The new Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss is a revolutionary lip gloss that harnesses the power of beneficial ingrediants to improve your health. The secret formula contains BORBA's nutraceutical blend to deliver a mix of vitamins to the lips to not only soften them, but also to improve your internal health when ingested (because we all lick our lips sometimes.) BORBA is a well respected brand in their own right with their signature skin care line of health drinks that target different problems with the health and vitality of the skin.

Not only are the health benefits of this gloss superb, but I have tried many Tarte glosses and found that the texture is excellent, creamy but not goopy, and the color has the right amount of pigment to make your lips look divine.

A lip gloss that is good for you? I am so happy to have a valid excuse to buy makeup. This is not just another lip gloss. This is a multi-tasking way of not only looking pretty, but also feeling pretty.

Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss $21 at http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P171217&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=5648

PB & Jellies

I miss being a little girl.

Life seems so much easier when all you have to worry about is where you put the plastic shoes for your Barbie. One of my fondest memories of living in Minnesota when I was seven were my jelly shoes. Oh how I loved my jellies. I wore them as much as I could, and was devastated when I grew out of them. There was nothing like having rubbery, plastic shoes.

While doing my daily internet, ahem," research," I stumbled across these gorgeous turquise jellies. They at once reminded me of those spring days clomping along in my squishy shoes, not a care in the world. Now I can have that feeling again! Marc Jacobs understands my fascination with all things childish and has designed these Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Peep Toe flats. The rubber material is so cute, and the peep-toe design is fresh and sophisticated. The mini wedge even adds a smidgen of height, perfect for petite girls like me.

But where to wear these? Anywhere informal from the beach to the mall would be appropriate, as long as they are kept casual. These would make a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous flip flops. I can already see myself attending picnics and barbeques wearing a sweet sundress and skipping around in these jellies.

Who knows? Maybe I'll even break out the Barbies again. Or maybe not.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Peep Toe Flats $100 at http://www.shopbop.com/shop/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441796387&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302029428&fm=whatsnew&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474395181057&bmUID=1168304813322

Blush: No Embarassment Required

It can be pretty hard to keep from blushing. This natural reaction to embarrassment ranges from cute to uncontrollable, and can be especially humiliating when trying to keep your cool, whether its after finding toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your strappy heels or catching sight of your crush at the mall.

When blushing is desired, it can be quite hard to achieve a natural look. What everyone wants is a little bit of rosy color, that just-stepped-in-from-the-cold-and-now-I'm-going-to-warm-myself-by-the-toasty-fire look.

What I have found is that most powder blushes produce a chalky, powdery look. The most natural and longest lasting product I've ever tried is the Benefit Benetint Pocket Pal. This product has already earned valuable space in my purse that is reserved only for the essentials. The double ended design is very smart, a red stain on one side and a shiny, clear gloss on the other side: double duty. Although it looks harsh and bright in the bottle, Benetint delivers a rosy glow that looks lit from within, and lasts all day long. The stain also looks lovely on the lips, an excellent alternative to red lipstick. Layering the red stain with the clear gloss on my lips also made my teeth look whiter, an added bonus.

With an all-day flush, they will never know when you really are embarrassed.

Benefit Benetint Pocket Pal $18 at http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P127208&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=5333

Sunday, January 7, 2007

The News on Neutrals

Why does it seem like neutrals always get such a bad rap? Many believe them to be the equivalent of fashion "vanilla." This season will prove the haters wrong.

Neutrals: This season, neutrals got a major fashion facelift. The colors ranged from blush to khaki to griege. The new incarnations were breathtaking in their simplicity and allowed themselves to become the backdrops of inventive accessories and superb details.

One of the designers who demonstrated this to perfection was Stella McCartney at her Spring 2007 show. In her collection, neutrals took center stage, looking crisp and fresh. The look to the left is one of my favorites for the entire season. I love how the delicate simplicity of the white sand dress complements the cold hardness of the metallic jewelry. Bold necklaces have been trendy for many seasons, yet seem new when pared with the lightness of this shift. The juxtaposition is breathtaking: one part sweet classicist, one part futuristic hipster.

Wearing neutrals is a great way to showcase accessories that you would otherwise think would be to overwhelming. I can't wait to rock this look for many different occasions this spring.

So be bold by going neutral!

photo courtesy of http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collections/S2007RTW/complete/thumb/SMCCARTN?trend=&page=3

Style Icon Vol. 1: Audrey Hepburn

I am not the first or the last to love Audrey Hepburn. She is one of the most iconic women of all time, up there with Jackie O and Grace Kelly. She defined style effortlessly, making a black dress with gorgeous jewelry appear as nonchalant as jeans and a t. Her style was timeless and will continue to inspire fashionistas of the present and future for years to come.

My current Audrey fascination is with the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses that she wears in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The bubbly Holly Go-Lightly wears these in the opening scene in which she strolls along the windows of uptown New York City, sipping coffee and eating a pastry as she peeks into the sparkling windows of Tiffany & Co.

How often is there something that both fashionistas and rock stars can agree on? Well the Wayfarer for one. These just speak thrown-together glamour with street-cred edge. On a girly-girl they take on low-key-chic look, while on a rocker or wannabe-rocker they look hipster with a slight nerdy-cool factor.

I have had my eye on these for quite some time and can't wait to save up enough baby-sitting money to buy them. My friends know me as the girl who always wears her big, bug-eyed sunglasses whenever I go outside (and on my head when I'm inside.) It's time for a change, and these are just the refreshing pair of sunnies I have been looking for.

And then I can stroll along Tiffany's and drink my Chai Tea Latte while humming "Moon River" like nobody's business.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer at http://www.ray-ban.com/Usa/HomePageUsa.html

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Am I the only one who is positively crazy? It hasn't even officially snowed and I'm already dreaming of spring. The sun. The flowers. The break. But most importantly...


I will be gently introducing these new trends so as not to freak anyone out too much.

Florals: Isn't it time to feel pretty again? After a few seasons of dark, brooding clothing, there was a breath of fresh air on the catwalks this season. The mood was decidedly light, crisp, and refreshing. The new modern floral emerged as a standout trend this season. In new proportions and created with different techniques, the floral was re-born.
A great example of this was at the Louis Vuitton Spring 2007 show in Bryant Park last October, designed by the masterful Marc Jacobs. Dewy milkmaids in pastels flitted down the runway carrying baskets of fresh flowers as if they were the new It bag, roses kissing their wispy hair. It looked as if these fresh-faced girls had mistaken Bryant Park for a springtime meadow. Subtle whispers of minimized flower prints adorned their cotton layers, enhanced by tulle, creating a truely frothy spectacle. It was enough to make anyone sigh. A botanical confection of a collection.

It is a little too early to tell, but it is very likely that this trend will translate into the mainstream, most likely through Forever 21 or H&M.

Why only grow roses in your garden when you can grow them in your wardrobe as well?

You wanna see my grill?

She said:
"Smile for me daddy."
"Wattcha lookin at?"
"I wanna see your grill."
"You wanna see my what?"
"Yeah your grill, yeah, yeah, your grill."
"Rob the jewelry store and tell em' make me a grill!!!"
-"Grillz" by Nelly

Okay, so I am so not really into real grillz. I think that its totally cool if you are gangsta enough to rock one, but I can't do it. Believe me, if you saw me with one in my mouth you would probably die of laughter. After my days of orthodontic torture, I am not too keen on putting anything metallic and sparkly on my teeth.

That doesn't mean I don't have my own grill of sorts.

Thanks to Crest Whitening Rinse I have the same satisfaction for my teeth as other rappers who profess the benefits of diamonds in your mouth. My teeth always look refreshingly whiter every time I rinse with this. It is also virtually the easiest whitener you can use. Just swig, swish for about a minute , and rinse. I always see a difference after using this stuff. This says a lot, coming from someone who loves her Chai Tea Latte in the morning and Coke Zero in the afternoon. Lets just call this a caffeine-lover's dream.

I don't need white gold in my mouth, Nelly, I think white will do just fine, thanks.

Crest Whitening Rinse available in 16 and 32 oz. sizes at your local drugstore.

Picture courtesy of http://www.crest.com/crestrinses/whitening.jsp

The Power of Pink

There is nothing like being a teen. You are young and have a little taste of freedom, yet none of the burdening responsibilities of being an adult.

The only downside: pimples.

These nasty boogers especially seem to come up whenever you don't want them, like on the night before a dance. There is something so awful about the sight of a red little eruption beneath the skin that lingers for days, ready and waiting to explode the moment you least want it to. Hello Mt. Vesuvius.

Well I have found an extinguisher to tame this fire. And its pink! Quite unexpected don't you think? Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a spot treatment that minimizes your pimple overnight. Like that.

All you have do do is the three d's: dip, dab, and dot. First you dip a q-tip into the bottle all the way down to the pinky residue that settles to the bottom of the bottle. Next, you dab around in the bottle gently to collect the residue without mixing the sediments with the oil. Finally, you dot the pleasantly pink residue on all offending pimples. Left on overnight, the lotion makes a significant difference and sometimes dries the entire pimple, all without robbing your skin of moisture.

I have finally found a reliable treatment that works before a dance. Now if only I could find an equally reliable date...

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: $17 at http://www.mariobadescu.com/productDetail.asp?ProductID=151&CatId=14

Danse, Danse

Dance, Dance
We're falling apart to half time
Dance, Dance
And these are the lives you'd love to lead
Dance, this is the way they'd love
If they knew how misery loved me
-"Dance, Dance" by Fall Out Boy

Hasn't everyone at one point or another phantasized about becoming a ballerina? Do you secretly do a pirouette in your cute ballet flats and picture yourself in a frothy pink tutu with your hair pulled back into a tight bun?

Well you're not alone, the folks at MAC Cosmetics gotcha covered.

Their new Spring 2007 collection is aptly titled Danse, Danse and takes inspiration from the delicate colors of the ballet. Pastels are combined with iridescence along with quiet neutrals that pack serious punch.

I especially fell in love with the eyeshadow color French Grey, a matte taupe with a silver pearl. This color would completement light eye colors beautifully. Another product that caught my attention was a lipstick in Classical, a pale pastel pink that looks incredibly sweet and would look beautiful on ballerina and non-ballerina alike. One of the standouts from the collection is the Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. This is an iridescent shimmer powder in an array of colors that, when combined, completement the skin in a supernatural manner, almost as if a spolight were gently gracing the face. Good luck on finding the last one, they were all sold out at my MAC counter.

So you may not want to step into that leotard and tutu and balance your toe en pointe, but why not look like it?

Friday, January 5, 2007

Darkness Falls

Yeah so I'll be the first to admit that I'm not goth. Def not goth. I'm not even punk. Sure I listen to my indie rock, a little emo even. But I wouldn't classify myself into any category.

But that doesn't matter. Not when I'm wearing my Chanel Nail Colour in Madness.

Chanel Nail Colour is known for its superior quality. This stuff rocks. Period. This is one of the limited edition colors from the Spring 2007 line. Two coats go on super smooth, better than any other polish I've ever tried. I haven't gotten any chips in it yet, even with all the typing I do for this blog and Myspace. The color is deep and rich, a dark chocolate with a warm red undertone. Totally and utterly sophisticated. This color would be flattering on all skintones. I was lucky enough to snatch the last one from my department store makeup counter, because these babies sell faster than lemonade on a hot summer day.

This is a great way to jump into the new darker nail polish trend for spring without feeling like a poser. 'Cause no one wants to be that!

Chanel Nail Colour in Madness $18 at http://uma.chanel.com/product.php?chnprd=MANPR010

Dreaming of a far off place...

The weather in my town is quite weird. During cross country season in the fall, I was sure it was going to snow, it was so cold. Now it is January and it feels like spring. Just the other day I was tempted to buy some cute shorts and then I remembered it is winter. Blame it on global warming.

And so I have found a sane way of satiating my lust for a warmer climate. The new Kenzo KenzoAmour fragrance is an intoxicating Oriental journey. Some of the notes include White Tea, Vanilla, Incense, and Thai Rice Steam to name a few. Believe me, when you take a whiff of this, you instantly forget the frigid cold and are transported into a fantasy night of traveling the Orient Express with your exotic dark lover. The warm notes combine with the sweetness of the vanilla to create a not overly sweet, yet gently comforting sent. Not only is the scent wonderful, but also the architectural bottles are just gorgeous. A vacation in a bottle.

Kenzo KenzoAmour: $48 for 1 oz., $65 for 1.7 oz., $85 for 3.4 oz. at http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P165123&categoryId=C15181

I Love Winter

I love winter. Scratch that. I would love winter if it didn't turn my hair into a giant ball of frizzy, static-y fuzz. Its kinda of like when you're a kid and you think its fun to rub a balloon on your head. Only when you get older, the effect is not so desired or cute.

And so I have taken on the challenge of combating this foe. Weapon of choice? Frederic Fekkai Winter Hair Lift-Define-Shine Styling Compact (Anti-Hat Head.) This compact is amazing. It has taken hair-care to new levels, making it just as easy to pack a good -hair-day into your purse as a lip gloss. Genius! You lift and define your hair using the wax and give your hair shine with the gloss. Needless to say I think I am cured from stuck-your-finger-in-a-socket-hair. Now if only they could make a battery-powered purse-sized hairdryer, then we'd all be covered.

Tinted Love

Okay so I am a firm anti-foundation person. I hate putting on cakey makeup, it makes me feel (1) old or (2) like a vegas showgirl (in the worst way possible!)

And so I am in love with tinted moisturizer. But the object of my affection is not just any tinted moisturizer, but Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free. Yes, the famous tinted moisturizer. This product has always had quite a cult following, and I had been dying to try it. Not only does it flawlessly even out my complection, but it keeps the shine down, all without depriving my skin of moisture and providing spf 20. Wheh! That is one way over-achieving moisturizer! Now if only I could be an over achieving-student...

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free $40 at http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P140906&categoryId=C12210


I have always been jealous of people with gorgeous eyelashes. There is something so enticing about a dark curtain of lashes that frame the eyes and highlight every glance, every flutter, every wink. When I see people so blessesed with these lashes I silently cry for being cursed with short, straight, whimpy hairs. I have tried virtually every type of mascara, drugstore and department store alike to no avail. What I got were short, stumpy lashes that were now a goopy, black, flaky mess. Tear.

But there is hope for us lash-challenged people. While doing my daily Sephora research, I stumbled upon Talika Eyelash Lipocils. I almost scanned over it, but instead clicked on it out of of obscure curiousity. This was a special clear formula that promised to make my lashes thicker, longer, and healthier in 28 days. And so I caved in, anticipating another fruitless buy.

But no! This is amazing! You apply it like a mascara, twice a day. I have been using it religiously now for about two weeks, and have already seen (and felt!) a major difference! I HAVE EYE FRINGE!!! I still wear mascara, yet this makes such a noticable change. My friends are now all envious of my luxuriously long eyelashes. And that's something to wink at.


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