Saturday, January 6, 2007

You wanna see my grill?

She said:
"Smile for me daddy."
"Wattcha lookin at?"
"I wanna see your grill."
"You wanna see my what?"
"Yeah your grill, yeah, yeah, your grill."
"Rob the jewelry store and tell em' make me a grill!!!"
-"Grillz" by Nelly

Okay, so I am so not really into real grillz. I think that its totally cool if you are gangsta enough to rock one, but I can't do it. Believe me, if you saw me with one in my mouth you would probably die of laughter. After my days of orthodontic torture, I am not too keen on putting anything metallic and sparkly on my teeth.

That doesn't mean I don't have my own grill of sorts.

Thanks to Crest Whitening Rinse I have the same satisfaction for my teeth as other rappers who profess the benefits of diamonds in your mouth. My teeth always look refreshingly whiter every time I rinse with this. It is also virtually the easiest whitener you can use. Just swig, swish for about a minute , and rinse. I always see a difference after using this stuff. This says a lot, coming from someone who loves her Chai Tea Latte in the morning and Coke Zero in the afternoon. Lets just call this a caffeine-lover's dream.

I don't need white gold in my mouth, Nelly, I think white will do just fine, thanks.

Crest Whitening Rinse available in 16 and 32 oz. sizes at your local drugstore.

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