Friday, January 5, 2007


I have always been jealous of people with gorgeous eyelashes. There is something so enticing about a dark curtain of lashes that frame the eyes and highlight every glance, every flutter, every wink. When I see people so blessesed with these lashes I silently cry for being cursed with short, straight, whimpy hairs. I have tried virtually every type of mascara, drugstore and department store alike to no avail. What I got were short, stumpy lashes that were now a goopy, black, flaky mess. Tear.

But there is hope for us lash-challenged people. While doing my daily Sephora research, I stumbled upon Talika Eyelash Lipocils. I almost scanned over it, but instead clicked on it out of of obscure curiousity. This was a special clear formula that promised to make my lashes thicker, longer, and healthier in 28 days. And so I caved in, anticipating another fruitless buy.

But no! This is amazing! You apply it like a mascara, twice a day. I have been using it religiously now for about two weeks, and have already seen (and felt!) a major difference! I HAVE EYE FRINGE!!! I still wear mascara, yet this makes such a noticable change. My friends are now all envious of my luxuriously long eyelashes. And that's something to wink at.

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