Friday, January 5, 2007

I Love Winter

I love winter. Scratch that. I would love winter if it didn't turn my hair into a giant ball of frizzy, static-y fuzz. Its kinda of like when you're a kid and you think its fun to rub a balloon on your head. Only when you get older, the effect is not so desired or cute.

And so I have taken on the challenge of combating this foe. Weapon of choice? Frederic Fekkai Winter Hair Lift-Define-Shine Styling Compact (Anti-Hat Head.) This compact is amazing. It has taken hair-care to new levels, making it just as easy to pack a good -hair-day into your purse as a lip gloss. Genius! You lift and define your hair using the wax and give your hair shine with the gloss. Needless to say I think I am cured from stuck-your-finger-in-a-socket-hair. Now if only they could make a battery-powered purse-sized hairdryer, then we'd all be covered.

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