Monday, January 8, 2007

PB & Jellies

I miss being a little girl.

Life seems so much easier when all you have to worry about is where you put the plastic shoes for your Barbie. One of my fondest memories of living in Minnesota when I was seven were my jelly shoes. Oh how I loved my jellies. I wore them as much as I could, and was devastated when I grew out of them. There was nothing like having rubbery, plastic shoes.

While doing my daily internet, ahem," research," I stumbled across these gorgeous turquise jellies. They at once reminded me of those spring days clomping along in my squishy shoes, not a care in the world. Now I can have that feeling again! Marc Jacobs understands my fascination with all things childish and has designed these Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Peep Toe flats. The rubber material is so cute, and the peep-toe design is fresh and sophisticated. The mini wedge even adds a smidgen of height, perfect for petite girls like me.

But where to wear these? Anywhere informal from the beach to the mall would be appropriate, as long as they are kept casual. These would make a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous flip flops. I can already see myself attending picnics and barbeques wearing a sweet sundress and skipping around in these jellies.

Who knows? Maybe I'll even break out the Barbies again. Or maybe not.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Peep Toe Flats $100 at


Dior Baby said...

I love those jellies! I miss my barbies, i gave them away to a younger friend - last I heard was that she ripped the heads off :(
there goes my ltd edition barbie with the dress that I made for her (it never fitted properly) and the scarf that I knitted for her.. haha

Hannah said...

i want to be barbie. hah

Anonymous said...

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