Saturday, January 13, 2007

Style Icon Vol. 2: Edie Sedgwick

Actress. Performance artist. Model. It Girl. Muse. Edie Sedgwick was the Lindsay Lohan of the sixties, only cooler. She hung out with some of the most influential pop culture figures of the sixties. As Andy Warhol's muse, she starred in many of his underground films and flitted about his legendary studio, The Factory. Bob Dylan was so transfixed by her that he supposedly wrote a song about her. Sienna Miller will soon portray Edie in the new film "Factory Girl" that will be released later this year. She was like a carefree butterfly of the sixties. It is a shame that she became so taken by the shady side of celebrity that she flitted away before her time.

So what was it about Edie that made her Was it the dramatic eyeliner? The bleached pixie cut? The spiky, fluttery eyelashes? The long, dangling earrings? I believe it was her spark of rebelliousness and unconventionality that made anything she wore look amazing. A striped tee shirt with a fur coat? That was the usual outfit for Edie.

Her daring style even inspired me to be her for Halloween this last October. And I am hardcore about Halloween. I wore a striped sweater dress with leggings and black leather boots. I attempted to pin up my long brunette hair into a short blond "Surfer" wig, which surprisingly looked more Edie than the actual "Mod" wig that was available. I traced intense black liquid eyeliner around my eyes and put on fake under eye lashes. The overall effect was pretty seamless, even my friends didn't recognize me at first.

So how do you incorporate a little bit of mod into your style? Stripes are a classic way to give a graphic statement to any outfit. Big, shiny, plastic jewelry is also a great option. I believe that anything that makes you feel daring ans unique is mod. Have fun and play with this look!

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