Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Mascara Diaries: Vol. 1

I am a little obsessive when it comes to mascara. My perfect mascara would lengthen, curl, volumize, separate, and add definition all while not clumping. I am still on the hunt, which is why I have dedicated a new series of posts to reviewing the newest and most hyped-about mascaras, from drugstore to department store brands. I am very excited to report my findings and to help you find the mascara that is right for you!

The first mascara in this installment is The New Max Factor Volume Couture Mascara. I have heard a lot about this mascara from various other bloggers, and most have been very complementary reviews. The hype behind this mascara is that it was the official mascara used for Milan's Spring Fashion Week. It also has an exclusive iFX brush with micro-channels to deliver color with less clumps.

After reading all of these rave reviews, I had to try it. I ended up spending the whole weekend in search of it, for it seems almost no retailers carry MAX Factor anymore. I finally found it, and couldn't wait to use it.

Pros: The brush is very advanced, with tiny spikes that easily coat every eyelash. The application was pretty simple (considering I had applied it in the car.) This is the perfect mascara if you want rich, black, highly-pigmented lashes. You can actually feel your lashes on your brow bone when you gaze up!

Cons: The lashes tend to feel a little heavy after application, so this wouldn't be a good choice if you don't like the feel of mascara. Since this mascara is focused on volume, there is not very much in the lengthening department. I would recommend curling your eyelashes before applying to get a little extra lift. I also had to scavenge for this mascara and finally found it at Meijer, so if you are not interested in a hunt, than this might not be the mascara for you.

Conclusion: I thought this was an excellent mascara for the price (about $7.) I will definitely use this in order to create that rich, faux-lash look. This is a specialty mascara, created for couture volume, so this might not be the best mascara if you are looking for natural definition. But I did feel a little like a 40's screen goddess while wearing this mascara, madly flitting her dark fringe at every wink.

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Becky C. said...

I tried it and you hit the nail on the head. I do not like the feel of mascara and that was my gripe. But otherwise I thought it was quite good.