Monday, January 8, 2007

Prescription: Lip Gloss

Uggh was that the alarm clock?
I wonder what time it is...OMG ITS 7:30 I OVERSLEPT!!!
Okay, Okay, chill.
Brush teeth? Check.
Wash face? Check.
Purse? Check.
Chai Tea Latte? Double check.
Okay I think I'm ready.
(15 minutes later...)
Oh shoot I forgot to take my vitamins again. Darn.

I admit that I am a little bit of a health nut. I persuade my mom to drive me to Whole Foods, I eat whole-wheat bread whenever I can, I try to run every day, and I even love tofu. I'll be the first to admit that it's all kind of crazy. Laugh at me if you want but thats who I am.

The problem is that I only have limited time in the morning to get ready, so sometimes I forget to take my vitamins. Now I can avoid this situation. The new Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss is a revolutionary lip gloss that harnesses the power of beneficial ingrediants to improve your health. The secret formula contains BORBA's nutraceutical blend to deliver a mix of vitamins to the lips to not only soften them, but also to improve your internal health when ingested (because we all lick our lips sometimes.) BORBA is a well respected brand in their own right with their signature skin care line of health drinks that target different problems with the health and vitality of the skin.

Not only are the health benefits of this gloss superb, but I have tried many Tarte glosses and found that the texture is excellent, creamy but not goopy, and the color has the right amount of pigment to make your lips look divine.

A lip gloss that is good for you? I am so happy to have a valid excuse to buy makeup. This is not just another lip gloss. This is a multi-tasking way of not only looking pretty, but also feeling pretty.

Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss $21 at

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