Sunday, January 7, 2007

The News on Neutrals

Why does it seem like neutrals always get such a bad rap? Many believe them to be the equivalent of fashion "vanilla." This season will prove the haters wrong.

Neutrals: This season, neutrals got a major fashion facelift. The colors ranged from blush to khaki to griege. The new incarnations were breathtaking in their simplicity and allowed themselves to become the backdrops of inventive accessories and superb details.

One of the designers who demonstrated this to perfection was Stella McCartney at her Spring 2007 show. In her collection, neutrals took center stage, looking crisp and fresh. The look to the left is one of my favorites for the entire season. I love how the delicate simplicity of the white sand dress complements the cold hardness of the metallic jewelry. Bold necklaces have been trendy for many seasons, yet seem new when pared with the lightness of this shift. The juxtaposition is breathtaking: one part sweet classicist, one part futuristic hipster.

Wearing neutrals is a great way to showcase accessories that you would otherwise think would be to overwhelming. I can't wait to rock this look for many different occasions this spring.

So be bold by going neutral!

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