Friday, November 30, 2007

Covetable: Leather Hoodie

Don't get the wrong idea. I'm about as badass as a cupcake. But for some reason I am so drawn to this gorgeous leather hoodie by Mike and Chris.

This twist on a classic borrows from the biker boys yet adds a decidedly chic twist. The gorgeous neutral color has a European flair, perfect for zipping off on a Vespa or picking up groceries at the chilly produce section of the supermarket. The antique and distressed texture gives it just enough of a roughed-up finish to keep it from looking undesirably new. The fact that it's a hoodie combines casual with luxe, making it wearable for many occasions. And the pièce de résistance: the hug-you-in-all-the-right-places fit.

I can picture this as a hugely versatile piece. Worn with jeans and a sweater, this would be a wonderful layering piece on those days when a down puffer just doesn't give you the sleek look you want. This would also go beautifully with softer fabrics to juxtapose textures, creating a truly unique look. In essence, this is the piece for all you girls who don't want to sacrifice your femininity in order to look strong and confident.

Consider it your urban armour.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Huh? White Lashes at Erin Featherson

Is it just me, or does it look like this model at the Erin Featherson Spring 2008 runway show forgot to put on mascara over her primer? Artistically I think this look is very intriguing, almost like icicles around the eyes. Practically, I think this look would have people wondering whether or not you bleached your eyelashes. This is very runway rebellious, and perhaps an inspiration for a Halloween costume as the White Witch from Narnia?

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

what do YOU think?: Balenciaga's sporty stilletto

A very odd trend appeared on the Balenciaga runway this fall season, no doubt making the audience question whether they were at a fashion show or the roller rink. This bright, clunky shoe appears to be the illegitimate child of a roller skate and a stiletto, a strange hybrid of sport and style. Perhaps the fierce athletic styling of the 80's is back with a vengeance after years of minimalism, boho-chic, and retro-glam.
So, what do YOU think, is it couture or just clunk?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm Blue

Am I the only one who remembers that nineties song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65? Yes, it takes me back to those good ol' bad-pop-song days. But enough of my reminiscence. Makeup is having an indigo mood lately with a new crop of the cool-toned color infiltrating surprising products, creating dazzling effects!

Benefit BADgal Blue may seem a little intimidating, but it is in fact so easy to wear. The deep blue mascara brings out the whites of the eyes while toning down red. Wear it by itself or brush the tips of black mascara-coated lashes to make your eyes seem bigger, brighter, and more awake.

OPI - Russian Navy
When it comes to nails, navy is the new black. This is definitely a fresh take on the dark nail trend that is still lingering from last year. This gorgeous hue is from the 2007 Fall/Winter Russian Collection. This polish would look sophisticated with a short, slightly rounded nail shape to keep the look from being too hard.

Probably the most intimidating product of all, this gloss flecked with blue sparkle is quite easy to wear. The color is a clear shine, and the teensy blue sparkles color-correct discoloration and bring out those pearly whites, making it the fastest way to get a brighter smile instantly!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fall Trend: Feathers!

Chanel Fall 2007 Couture
Nina Ricci Fall 2007 Ready-To-Wear
This fall will be a flight of fashion, and so it is only appropriate to throw a little feather in the mix. This was a huge trend at the Chanel and Nina Ricci shows, both of which are high-octane houses known to start hot new looks. Just an accent lends a couture vibe to a look. To avoid looking like the most stylish Big Bird on the street, keep this look to accessories. A hair elastic or headband would look fabulous with a hint of plumage. But you better hurry before this trend migrates out of the fashion climate!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I put a spell on you

Clean & Clear Advantage Invisible Acne PatchIt is hard to escape the media madness, but in honor of the final installment of the Harry Potter series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows," I have decided to reveal my own little magic spell. Whenever I see the beginning of an unsightly red bump, I whip out my own little magic wand, the Clean & Clear Advantage Invisible Acne Patch. I have tried countless spot treatments, and this one is a revolutionary stand-out. It dries to a clear patch on the skin, even temporarily flattening the pimple. This allows for a seamless application of concealer. You can hide that little bump while killing it with a powerful dose of a little magic potion I like to call salicylic acid.
Sure Harry has his wand, but if I can say abracadabra to pimples, that's fine with me!

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer Skin Savers

Summer is all about having beautiful, clear skin. It can be especially hard when the weather aggravates your skin, making it that much more important to follow a rigorous skin care system. Here are some of my favorite inexpensive skin care finds. Now I am not a dermatologist, but if you feel so inclined to try some of these products that work for me, then I hope they work for you as well!

The best makeup remover wipes. Ever. Period. These make it super easy to take off even the toughest makeup at night, leaving your face clean and ready to soak up every bit of your skincare to its full potential. I actually look forward to using these because of how refreshed your skin feels, almost as if every pore is saying "aaahhhh".

This is an everyday, all year long must have for me. It is a gentle yet powerful cleanser that makes my skin look and feel really clean (yes, I know I sound like one of those sickeningly sweet Neutrogena spokeswomen but bear with me here). It really gets rid of that grime and residue that sits on your skin by the end of the day. If you have tried many cleansers and they are either too harsh for your skin or are too expensive, this might work for you as well. Bonus: there is also something strangely pleasing about the smell of this, don't ask me why!

Oh, I am ever so grateful to my dermatologist for turning me on to this lovely product. I have tried and been unsatisfied with many moisturizers and for many different reasons. "My skin feels so greasy!" or "This burns the minute I put it on!" are common shouts heard from the bathroom. This moisturizer passes by with flying colors because it not only moisturizes my Sahara desert skin but also makes it feel just I know, it's amazing! It just works, no fluff.

Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Faces Sunblock, SPF 30

What would summer be without sunscreen? When your skin already feels oily from the humidity and the sun who wants to slather on a filmy stick? This goes on so smooth it almost feels like a primer, giving your skin a fantastic matte finish. The best part is that this has a long-lasting silky finish, with light-reflecting particles to make your skin glow that much more in the sun.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


And so as Paris left jail, so did I leave Paris.

All good things come to an end, and that means a really wonderful vacation in the City of Lights! I have never seen such beautiful architecture and art, every corner had another surprise. If any of you have the opportunity in your life to go to Europe, definitely take the time to just look around, soak it up, and enjoy the gorgeous city.

Now on to the good part. The shopping in Paris was a dream! It was so hard to choose from one unique shop to another. Not only were the boutiques amazing, but even the pharmacies stocked hard-to-find luxe beauty goods. It was hard to choose what I would blog about first, but I have chosen a worthy contender.

Colette is the Kitson of Paris. This means that it is the mecca of insider trends. Every inch of the three-level building is bursting with the next big thing in Parisian style. There are books, CDs, skincare, makeup, fragrance, toys, accessories, and high-end fashion, just to name a few. There is even a restaurant in the basement, heating up the building and making it the perfect escape on a chilly day (but unfortunately not so great in the sweltering heat).

It was so hard to choose from all of the quirky finds at the super boutique, the dollar being so weak right now, that I narrowed it down to three. I bought this cute pair of skinny black jeans, a Colette mix CD, and a cute handmade teddy bear key chain.

If you ever have the opportunity to go the Paris, put Colette on your list. It's a madhouse of quirk, creativity, and people, but it is so worth it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you!

I am off to the city of lights! I am so excited! I can't speak a word of French, Spanish is my forte. I will be gone for a few days, and then get right back to posting! I will also finally visit my blog's namesake, Versailles!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Mascara Diaries: Mermaid Edition

The life of a mermaid has always been a fantasy of mine. Ever since seeing Disney's "The Little Mermaid" at a very young age, I had wanted to be like one of those sirens of the sea, those magical, mythical creatures that fill page after page of storybooks and have intrigued land-lovers for centuries. Even though half of their body was quite, ahem, gross and slimy, they had a bewitching beauty that captured the hearts of sailors. Maybe it was their glowing skin, their twisted ropes of hair that was strategically placed, such as Daryl Hannah in "Splash," or their big, bright eyes that seemed to hold the intensity of the sea itself within their gaze.

If the beach beauties of the real world are supposed to emulate the supernatural allure of the mermaid, than we need to have that flawless, waterproof mascara to accent that smoldering gaze. My current fixation is the Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, the pool-approved version of a cult obsession. Not only is this anti-H2O, but also it gives the same lush, full look as its original counterpart. There is no compromise here, only long, curly, thick lashes that demand attention, whether you are watching a tragically sad movie or flexing your imaginary fins on a sandy beach. Ariel would be so proud.

Diorshow Waterproof Mascara

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spring 2007 Trend: Turban Headbands

Prada Spring 2007
Shopintuition Silk Wide Turban Head Wrap
Dancerteria Knot Headwrap

Turbans don't exactly draw connections with glamour. Sheiks in the Arabian Desert is more on target. Not so this season! Prada has taken the ubiquitous headband trend to the extreme in the most eccentric new incarnation yet.
Originally I was not exactly taken with the idea of a look that I usually work while impatiently awaiting my hair to dry after a shower. Now that I have seen some beautiful editorials with glamour-pusses reminiscent of 40's bombshells sunbathing by Old Hollywood-style pools, I must admit this trend has grown on me. With sleek hair, clear skin, and a smile, this might just capture the perfect beach glam that seems so effortless yet is so hard to emulate.
It seems that this season, sheik is chic.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Resort 2007

*First of all, I am so sorry that I have been M.I.A. for the past few weeks. It was crunch time and I had to put my nose to the grindstone, even though there were so many topics I wanted to write about. I am so excited to get back to posting!

Oh, a resort. A tropical cabana, a yacht, or a white sandy beach. Doesn't that just sound nice? But is it important enough to have its own collection designed around it? Evidently designers are saying yes, and so the Resort Collection was born. The resort collections are not just for the ridiculously well traveled and wealthy, they also give a preview of trends to come. These collections are a chance for a designer to test-drive a trend before the more popular spring collection hits the runway.

Last month Chanel, Christian Dior, and Alberta Ferretti debuted their stellar collections for the buyers and the wishers to marvel at.

Could the tankini be the next hottest trend in swimwear? I love the diagonal stripes- so graphic!

I'm not quite sure, but this take on the granny-style tweed could be cute.
Love the color and the asymmetry. The bright shoes are drool-worthy too.

Menswear stripes look fresh when used in this abbreviated style. The floppy hat is always a great resort must-have.

Love, love, LOVE the lattice pattern on this dress! Nude with black is so hot, almost to the point of being conservatively revealing!

Christian Dior

Another asymmetrical dress in a very daring print. Cheetah feels so new and fresh in green!

A paisley, swingy, A-line dress that creates the perfect silhouette.

This look screams Jackie O. Not only is the shift dress punchy and vibrant, but also the petite frame bag and retro shades are to die for!

The sumptuousness of the material on this dress is gorgeous. Silk + bow = feminine knockout.

I love the Elizabeth Taylor glamour of this dress. This is the style equivalent of a lemon meringue pie, creamy and dreamy.

Alberta Ferretti

The white shirt dress has never been hotter or looked so chic. The secret to an amazing piece is fit, clean lines, and just the right amount of sheerness.

Stripes are a classic, yet are modernized when in graduated widths. This is a trendy, surprising twist on an old standby.

Navy is the new, fresh alternative to black. Cinching a loose dress gives it structure, reigning it in while maintaining the flirty, swingy shape.

A very beautiful, shimmery nude in a subtle, yet spectacular metallic. The disk belt is very Grecian and is an accessory in and of itself.

This gown would make a gorgeous wedding dress! The lines are very modern, sleek, lengthening, and flattering.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spring Trend: T-Shirt Dressing

T-shirts are the epitome of casual dressing. Just the word conjures up memories of your favorite comfy cotton staple, that perfectly worn-in piece that you throw on when you just want to feel cozy and safe, almost like a security blanket.

This spring, the t-shirt takes a chic new turn as a dress. T-shirt dresses are a great take on summer layering, making them the perfect complement to leggings. As long as the hem is not too short, these pieces can be a great way to show off legs or add an interesting new proportion to your wardrobe. Its also an amazing way to beat the heat with the cool cotton and jersey material that skims the body without clinging.

Depending on the shape, this piece can be quite flattering too. If you want to emphasise your waist, cinch it with a cute skinny belt. For a little extra volume, pick a style with a slight bubble hem. For height and boho glamour, pair it with a chunky pair of wooden platforms and a heavy necklace.

Your favorite old standby t-shirt just might get a little jealous.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 runway photo courtesy of

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The CEW Beauty Awards 2007

Everyone loves a winner. Well, it was a tough competition, but The CEW Beauty Awards 2007 have narrowed down some of the industry's best products, from the low to high ranges, in the market. This is serious competition! This is like the Oscars of lip gloss, mascara, you-name-it! Judges evaluate many products, from skincare to makeup, to what they believe is the best. Of course, if I have the time (and resources) to try out some of these products, you can bet I will be giving my own analysis.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Go International: Libertine

Despite the rumors that Temperley would be the next designer on board for Target GO International, Libertine is the next official designer to create a line for the mega-chain. Libertine is a line I have always thought was intriguing; a beautiful clash of aesthetics that somehow come together quite nicely in a unique harmony of styles. It is clear from their press release that Libertine's unique mix of proper-prim meets punk will be a hit. I am already coveting their adorably tough signature silk-screened skulls!