Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer Skin Savers

Summer is all about having beautiful, clear skin. It can be especially hard when the weather aggravates your skin, making it that much more important to follow a rigorous skin care system. Here are some of my favorite inexpensive skin care finds. Now I am not a dermatologist, but if you feel so inclined to try some of these products that work for me, then I hope they work for you as well!

The best makeup remover wipes. Ever. Period. These make it super easy to take off even the toughest makeup at night, leaving your face clean and ready to soak up every bit of your skincare to its full potential. I actually look forward to using these because of how refreshed your skin feels, almost as if every pore is saying "aaahhhh".

This is an everyday, all year long must have for me. It is a gentle yet powerful cleanser that makes my skin look and feel really clean (yes, I know I sound like one of those sickeningly sweet Neutrogena spokeswomen but bear with me here). It really gets rid of that grime and residue that sits on your skin by the end of the day. If you have tried many cleansers and they are either too harsh for your skin or are too expensive, this might work for you as well. Bonus: there is also something strangely pleasing about the smell of this, don't ask me why!

Oh, I am ever so grateful to my dermatologist for turning me on to this lovely product. I have tried and been unsatisfied with many moisturizers and for many different reasons. "My skin feels so greasy!" or "This burns the minute I put it on!" are common shouts heard from the bathroom. This moisturizer passes by with flying colors because it not only moisturizes my Sahara desert skin but also makes it feel just I know, it's amazing! It just works, no fluff.

Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Faces Sunblock, SPF 30

What would summer be without sunscreen? When your skin already feels oily from the humidity and the sun who wants to slather on a filmy stick? This goes on so smooth it almost feels like a primer, giving your skin a fantastic matte finish. The best part is that this has a long-lasting silky finish, with light-reflecting particles to make your skin glow that much more in the sun.

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