Saturday, March 24, 2007

spiffy SPF

It seems one can't go three minutes without hearing the phrase "Can you wait for spring break?" pop out of someone's excited mouth. Yes, we all are excited about that one week a year when we can have fun, party, relax, or just catch up on some zzz's.

Those who are lucky enough to jet off to some warm-weather locale need to be serious about one thing: sun protection. Not only does the sun's rays cause skin cancer, but it also adds wrinkles and prematurely ages skin (yikes!)

For those days when you have slathered on your sunscreen and slipped into a cute new bathing suit, grabbing a powder like this Colorescience Foundation w/Brush - All Even (SPF 20)helps to not only shield you from those aging UVA and UVB rays with SPF, but also give a fresh look to the skin thanks to light-reflecting minerals.
The texture of the powder is unbelievable, silky and smooth and not at all chalky. After the powder sets, it is virtually unnoticeable and long-lasting, and the light-reflecting particles give the skin a beautiful, natural glow. On top of that, the handy brush is extremely portable and small, making it a great addition for any smart space saver.
So whether or not you hit the beach or are happy with re-runs of Grey's Anatomy, you can keep your face clean, fresh, and protected.

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