Monday, March 12, 2007

take me to tahiti

If it was up to many of us, we would want to live on the gorgeous island of Tahiti. The picturesque views, the sandy beaches, the crystalline crashing waves all conjure dreams of vacations in the sun, swinging from a hammock or lying on a beach recliner, our worries drifting away with the tide.

Although its hard to satiate this desire (unless you have a private jet to whisk you away,) there are still ways to have a Tahitian moment. I discovered this wonderful Ile de Tahiti™ Tapuru Body Butter in Coconut Vanille at my local Bath and Body Works and was stunned with its almost magical qualities. Not only is this cream wonderfully moisturizing, but it also possesses one of the best tropical scents I could have ever imagined, without smelling like sickeningly-sweet fruit punch. The coconut and vanilla mingle together so that the scent is not too sweet and not too warm, a perfectly comforting balance. Its redolent scent instantly takes me out of suburbia and onto a tropical beach oasis. I was literally in a blissful haze after massaging this onto my skin, and all of my stress temporarily drifted away.

Craving a vacation and see no travel plans in the upcoming future? This is like Tahiti-in-a-tub, and if you are lucky, you might just be able to feel the sand between your toes.


Tammy said...

I know! Where do you find it now? It's not at Bath & Body any more and I'm hooked on it.

sara said...

i wish i could tell you tammy, but if you like this i recommend you try india hick's collection for crabtree and evelyn, i believe it is still for sale.