Monday, January 21, 2008

Fit Fashion

January is a time of holiday hangover, the return of monotonous routine, and when herds of guilt-ridden people flock to the gym to fulfill their New Years resolution. I am no different, but I always look on the bright side of this vicious cycle-new clothes! This Spring 2008 season, Stella McCartney has designed another gorgeous and practical collection for tennis, running, golf, and swim, as well as warm-up clothing and accessories. If this seems a little frivolous to you, I have a few arguments. These clothes have the best technology to improve your game, and can also be mixed and matched with other pieces of your wardrobe seamlessly. My view is when you look good, you will probably work out harder too.

One if not possibly the most chic sports is tennis. While being very classic, this outfit is also very fresh. The sweetly feminine detailing on the neckline is a retro take on the polo. The skort is also a tennis staple, and this one has just the right
amount of minimalism to balance out the preciousness of the blouse.

This outfit is my favorite, since I am a runner. This material is breathable and wicks away perspiration, while looking shiny and fabulous as well. I love the utilitarian vibe, the bright colors, and the satiny texture.

A very unique interpretation of the golf uniform. No polo shirts to be seen here! I could easily see the short jacket paired with jeans for a casual spring outfit.

A very glamorous maillot. Just a tad bit more modest than a bikini. This is for active people who love their two piece but don't want their bathing suit to be, um, as active as well.

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