Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Spring Break has officially begun! For many the next week will be all about relaxing, letting loose, and having fun. For those of you beach-go-ers, the first fashion must is an amazing pair of flip flops that will define your laid-back look while you scuff around from going to the beach, to shopping, to restaurants, and to anywhere else that qualifies as marking a great vacation.

That is why these cute Floppz are the perfect complement to your relaxed yet effortless style. These sturdy flip-flops are customizable, from the foot bed down to the beading and other whimsical embellishments available to set you apart from the rest of those beach-y, sandy feet. And for all of you sports, school, and team fanatics out there, you can give a shout-out to your respective activity or show just how zealous of a fan you are, and it's a great alternative to the comfy but oh-so-predictable team t-shirt. And all this creative customization won't cost you a leg and a foot (hehe,) with prices starting in the $10 range!

Finally, that perfect pedicure is so worth it.

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JenJon said...

I love your blog. I can always find fun and useful information on the latest products. I hate standing in the store aisles, looking at dozens of lotions, make-up...and wondering what really works. Thanks for doing the research for me. FYI - I love Loreal mascara - goes on easy, you can re-apply and it washes off with soap and water.
P.S. - Love the blog on Floppz. I've already ordered a few pair for the summer season.