Saturday, April 21, 2007

Brooke Shields, eat your heart out!

An old saying goes "The eyes are the windows into the soul." If this is true, than the brows are the panes. Brows define the face, and can range from shapes that come across as surprised, unruly, or strong. Needless to say, the "Ugly Betty" caterpillar look only works for comedy (thank God that America Ferrera can wash them off at the end of the day,) and the surprised, frighteningly thin penciled-in look should be reserved to TV land (in the form of Morticia Adams.)

Put down the tweezers and hold the pencil, because the new look is strong, gorgeous, and natural. A full Brooke Shields-style brow is the perfect complement to the floaty effervescent styles of both makeup and fashion for spring.

In order to pump up the fullness, I have been starting to use Anastasi Nu Brow
a regrowing serum that encourages growth and conditions those fragile eyebrow hairs. This is like the sister of my beloved Talika! I have already noticed a subtle increase in the fullness of my brows, giving my face a structured shape even without the use of makeup.

With just a little tweezer maintenance to clean things up, a beautiful set of brows can be easier than ever. And that's something to raise a perfectly arched brow at.

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