Saturday, February 3, 2007

New York Fall Fashion Week 2007: Vol. 1

While millions will be sitting in a recliner, balancing a plate of cheesy casserole and a remote control on their lap, their eyes transfixed by the glow of the television screen as the Colts play the Bears in the biggest football game of the year, I will be watching a Super Bowl of another kind: Fall Fashion Week. This is one of only two times a year that the big-league designers pull out all the stops. Which collection will make the biggest touchdown?

This will be one of a few posts about Fall Fashion Week. As the new pictures are being added on the internet, I will be posting updates. Even though it is not even spring yet, I hope you find inspiration and begin thinking, or in my case dreaming, about all of the fabulous styles of fall!

BCBG Max Azria

When I first saw this collection, I imagined that this was a story about a Russian princess who goes turns away from the throne to become a glamorous hippie. The dark tones of the clothing were embellished with metallic accents, and the luxurious fabrics draped beautifully. A very luxe take on boho.

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone is known for their chic approach to menswear. This season they pulled out all the stops with classics that were tough yet somehow pretty. A mix between adrogynous rocker, Oliver Twist, and Brit socialite. A key trend in this collection? Leather. The legging trend was continued with the newest leather verision, as well as leather legwarmers. A very interesting collection for the bold.


I had never hear of YIGAL AZROUëL, yet I was very impressed with this collection. There is an intellectual-chic that is a very fresh approach to cold-weather dressing. Loose, drapey layers looked beautiful in muted hues. I am especially coveting the off-white dress; it looks so comfortable yet so cool over black tights. This is a great collection for the girl who is both brainy and fashionable.

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