Thursday, February 1, 2007

Love: Tanks

Everyone hates a broken heart. Yuck. Whether it is because of a break-up, rejection, or any other dispicable reason, we all despise that sickening, sinking-stomach feeling. Usually broken hearts require massive amounts of sobbing, hugs from friends, ripped-in-half pictures, and pints of ice cream to cure.

Who knew that a broken heart could be cute? The name for C&C California Broken Heart Print Tank demonstrates a new twist on the heart print. From afar it appears to be a basic heart print tank, yet up close you can see broken hearts scattered about the traditional hearts.

This tank keeps your availability status a mystery, adding a touch of irony and intrigue to your wardrobe. This shirt is the picture of Valentines Day cute, whether you are single or not.

So now you can take your heart and wear it on your sleeve, err, I mean tank.

1 comment:

Becky C. said...

That is both darling and sexy:)