Saturday, February 3, 2007

Love: Valentines

Remember when you were a little kid and how fun Valentines Day was? On February 14th everyone made their own little shoebox, cut a slit on the top of it, and decorated it with bright, sparkly hearts. Everyone passed out their own Hello Kitty, Spiderman, or any other trademarked cartoon character-themed valentines with a little piece of taped candy on the outside. It was simple. It was straightforward. It was fun.

Yet as the years go by, Valentines Day becomes more and more complicated, and more and more pressure builds up on us to give out the perfect Valentines. Why not travel back in time and go retro with a cute set of nostalgic valentines like this Fredflare Valentine Pocket Tin Set? Not only are these adorable valentines adorned with cheerful 40's and 50's era cartoons, but they also double as tins! This means you can stash a tiny piece of candy, a love note, or any other valentine goody in a secret little compartment for the recipient to discover.

Whoever said hiding was a bad thing? Conceal a little something this holiday for your friends or your sweetie.

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