Sunday, February 4, 2007

New York Fall Fashion Week 2007: Vol. 2

Marc Jacobs

In an interesting fashion, Marc Jacob's Fall 2007 runway collection turned into a chic geometry lesson. Clean lines, a simple palette, and interesting angles all combined to create a modern minimalism. A key trend were the various wide brim, short brim, and tilted hats that almost obscured the faces of the models, adding mystery and retro mystique. Ladylike cuts met menswear tailoring. A departure from his usual urban-friendly aesthetic, these clothes carried a Katherine-Hepburn vibe, both strong and powerful.

3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Philip Lim further cemented his status as one of the best new designers in fashion with this collection. It was both young and effortlessly cool, which is part of Lim's trademark style. The short hemline reined, proving to be a persisting trend from spring. The mostly gray, tonal collection was punched up with the occasional glint of dirty metallic, hint of vibrant color, or pop of polka dots. A very chic collection for budding ingenues.


In trademark Luella fashion, this collection was bright and bold. The clothes made no apologies for being decidedly extroverted. Known for her rock n' roll aesthetic, this collection was for the fashion risk-taker. Two words to define this collection: polka dots and, what appeared to be, galoshes. Although the polka dots added fun spice to an otherwise basic black dress, the galoshes brought to mind Jack Sparrow and a band of mangy pirates. Meant for those with a sense of humor, this collection unabashedly demanded attention.

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