Thursday, January 25, 2007

take good CARE of yourself

I have become quite the skincare geek. I am constantly flipping through my newest copy of VOGUE right to the beauty news section, where I ingest each and every article about the newest, trendiest complexion solutions available. It has become quite an obsession.

I recently became interested in organic beauty products, yet I never had the courage to try them. They just seemed too "crunchy" to me. I mean, a crushed almond scrub sounds amazing, yet does it really work? Is it just like slathering food on my face?

Before I was about to rule out all natural mystery products, I stumbled upon CARE by Stella McCartney. I am a huge fan of Miss McCartney; her runway collections are beautiful, her Adidas by Stella McCartney line actually makes me want to work out, and her perfume, Stella, is like meandering through a garden of English roses. And on top of that, her products are animal-cruelty-free, which makes me love them even more.

So when I heard that she was on the verge of pioneering a new outlook on natural skincare, I couldn't wait to try it. I recently read an article on McCartney, and in it she described the intensive process that her team of scientists went through to perfect the line. All of her products are Ecocert-certified, and according to Sephora:

"Ecocert, an internationally recognized certification program, takes into account not only the composition and the origin of the product's ingredients, but also covers the entire development process from conception to packaging. The Ecocert label can assure consumers of both the quality and sincerity of Care by Stella McCartney, making it one entirely trustworthy assortment."

This the real deal, a sophisticated skincare line that is both natural and beneficial to the skin. And did I mention the gorgeous packaging? McCartney's fresh aesthetic is evident through the beautifully simplistic design of the bottles, which would no doubtfully elicit "oooo"s and "aweeeee"s when gracing a bathroom counter.

Even though I try not to spend too much money on skincare, I will be saving up my money to try the Discovery Kit, which is a great way to find a powerful elixir to brighten your complexion.

Thank you, Stella McCartney, for satisfying skincare geeks everywhere.

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